About Us

Happy Mum Happy Baby was created to bring people together, to stop people feeling alone; to empower, uplift and unite. This collection reflects all that and more. I wanted to create practical, yet stylish, pieces to make people feel good and help put a smile on their faces. Comfort is absolutely everything to me. I believe clothes shouldn’t be a hindrance to your day, and should help you go forth and tackle what lies ahead. I wanted the pieces to be super snuggly, bold, fun, long-lasting and accessible. I wanted them to be items that you grab from your wardrobe because they make you feel good when wearing them.

We have added two gorgeous little gender-neutral mini me products to the collection, which I’m very excited about. I always used to feel jealous when Tom would twin with the boys in bowties and shirts, but now I can do the same with these cute sweaters and tees. They’re little joy givers.